Making Seed Balls

Optional Preparations.  Con a local art teacher into giving you some unwanted kid’s clay sculptures.  Stick them in a bucket of water for a few days to re-constitute clay, then try to make your own pots for clay-pot irrigation.  When that doesn’t work, let them dry out for a few months, then spend a bit of time every now and then crushing and grinding the clay between two bricks.

Step 1.  Collect some willing volunteers.

Step 2.   After getting bored with spending a bit of time every now and then crushing and grinding the clay between two bricks, stick it in the blender to get rid of the lumps (best done when wife not at home).


Step 3.  Add 5 parts clay, and 3 parts composty stuff, and 1 part seeds to a bowl.


Step 4.  Mix in some water to turn it back into the clay that you have just spent months trying to turn into powder.


Step 5.  Roll into balls.


Step 6.  Stick them in the sun for a few days to dry (or, in our case, stick them in the sun for half a day, until the chooks found them,  then pick them up and stick them back inside because they are already dry anyway).

Step 7.  Disperse and watch them grow and grow and grow.



We’ll be chucking them about in the “orchard” where other efforts to establish things have not been successful.  Then, if the seed ball method is successful, we’ll take the concept further to do a bit of guerilla gardening in the local community, where there is no shortage of sites available [including my own back - and front - yard].


More about seed balls is available here and here.

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