Bending the curve … disruptive thinking sustains a Kenyan slum

I just roamed from one place to another to another and back again.  All in 20 minutes, and all care of this Internet thing.

Starting with a discussion of disruptive thinking, moving to a phone conversation about the e-village, another one about getting a local community garden going as part of the crop-circle, the need to share garden spaces and resources, sack gardening in Kenyan slums, and then straight back to yesterday’s post about bending the curve.

Resilience is all of the above; conversations, ideas, sculpting and bending to form new ways of doing things, challenging old paradigms.

Look at the sack gardens, grown (pun intended) out of necessity.

What is the difference between that necessity and the one facing us all? Perhaps the immediacy of hunger is less able to be ignored?

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